AMP Fins

Put on Your Fin and Dive Right In

Figure out whether the AMP Fin is right for you or your loved one

Swimming is a great method of physical therapy and stress relief. People who use prosthetics might have trouble treading water and swimming with their prosthetic limbs. That's where AMP Fins LLC comes in. Our AMP Fins are made to fit you. We can perform a prosthetic custom fit or attach the fin to an existing socket.

Amp Fins can:

  • Increase your range of motion
  • Get you back in the water
  • Make diving and snorkeling easier
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Stay strong with swimming and physical therapy

Swimming is a great way for amputees to stay fit and keep active. You'll feel great after splashing around in an Olympic-size pool with your brand-new AMP Fin. These American-made prosthetic fins are popular with veterans. When soldiers come home after being injured, they deserve support. We hope to provide that support in the form of these prosthetic limbs.