Our mission is to provide both above and below knee amputees a high-performance swim and dive prosthetic fin, giving amputees the ability to reverse the effects caused by limb loss by strengthening residual limbs, increasing range of motion, improving gait, and leading to a more active lifestyle.




Certified Prosthetist/Fabricator

Cory LaPlante is an ABC Certified Prosthetist and owner of Northern Prosthetics & Orthotics, and Fin Fab, LLC. He is an Aroostook County native born and raised in the St. John Valley. Cory received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maine in Presque Isle, then went on to pursue his post graduate education from the University of Connecticut through Newington Certificate Program in Prosthetics. Upon completion of his residency requirements at Maine Artificial Limb in Portland, ME, Cory returned to Northern Maine to open his own practice and serve the patients of Aroostook County and New Brunswick, Canada.


Cory has a true understanding and compassion for all his patients as he himself is an above knee amputee and faces the same challenges and hurdles as the people he serves.



Physical Therapist

Dr. Bradley Ala is a physical therapist who consults with AMP Fin™. His experience working with prostheses provides an understanding for the physiological demands of the AMP Fin™. Dr. Ala developed Hillside Productions, which then created the instruction/safety video that is supplied with each fin purchase. He is licensed by the Board of Physical Therapy in the State of Maine and practices in Presque Isle in both inpatient and outpatient settings with special interests in prosthetics, wound care, and manual therapy.



Chief Operations Officer, COO

Born an “Army Brat”, his Dad served 2 tours in Vietnam, and lead 28 year career as a Senior NCO in charge of Recruiting and Retention for the Maine Army National Guard’s “Team North” is what led him to join the Army National Guard at the age of 17. John served in the Guard in the medical field for 7 years. Worked full time for the US Postal Service after being on active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm, and suffered a career ending knee injury during the ice storm of 1998. After separation from USPS, he worked within the NASCAR community for 11 years at first as a volunteer, and later helping build 2 highly successful motorsports marketing and outreach companies. During that time, he co-founded 2 Veteran support organizations, and founded one of the first Veteran suicide awareness programs in the United States. In early 2015 Randy reached out to John about the AMP Fin™, and he immediately got involved in the project, leading to his role as part of the management team.




Lori Lord has an Associate Degree in Secretarial Science. She worked as the bookkeeper, accountant, and office manager of the Lord Families construction business for over 15 years. During that time, she employed over 100 employees, multiple multi-million-dollar contracts, and project management. She retired from the construction business in 2008, to pursue other endeavors, most importantly an instrumental role in the research and development of AMP Fin™.


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